Tandoori Chicken History

If you’ve ever wondered who, where and when the world famous Indian Tandoori Chicken was created, then you’ve come to the right place.

While India was under British rule in the 1920’s a fella named Kundan Lal Gurjal decided to open a restaurant in Peshawer India called Moti Mahal (which means Palace of Pearls)

Mr Gurjal wanted to create something different so he began experimenting different ways to prepare food; he decided to take the traditional tandoor clay oven that was usually used locally to cook bread. Tandoor ovens are made of clay with coal or wood at the base that are burned and help the clay oven reach temperatures of around 900 degrees. This extreme heat cooked the chicken till it became nice and crispy on the outside with a coal taste.

This crispy cooked chicken caught the attention of the Indian Prime Minister Jawaharial Nehru who ate at the Moti Mahal, he was so impressed by the unique textures and flavor of tandoori chicken that he held many state banquets at the Moti Mahal.

Now the Tandoori chicken is a key item in every Indian Takeaway and Restaurant menu. Maharajas Express Indian Takeaway Wickford offers a vintage Tandoori chicken, in its classic red colour contrasted with the charcoal cooked crisp skin.